The Safe Circle una contribución al proyecto" Misplaced Woman?" de Tanja Ostojic sobre la precariedad. Proyecto como resultado de nuestro taller en Berlín. Performance de 30 minutos en Park am Nordbahnhof, Berlín - 13.09.2019.


“I am body and I am statement.

I am witness and I am evidence of manipulation.

I don’t want to ask permission to be.

I don’t have to ask permission to be.

I don’t want to be defined by you, or anybody, or anywhere, or anything.

I don’t want to be from here or there.

If my existence threatens you, that is because you’re afraid of losing  your privileges.

If your walls will surround me, my words will be the weapon to make them fall.

If you hurt me, I will heal.

And I will repeat this all over again.

Because I have a pact with all of my kind.

Because that’s my duty and my only way to resist.”

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